Free screenshot software


Price: Free

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Software Type: Open source

RAM usage: 19,804 K

Official screenshots:

Supports shortcut keys, Windows capture, custom size capture, upload commands, full screen capture, including a simple editor for quick editor which is very handy.

By default, after screen is captured, it will bring up a menu to save as, save to predefined location, open editor, print, copy to clipboard, open in Microsoft software upload to specified image hosting websites, open in Microsoft paint etc.

Can set to start on windows startup.

Has multilanguage support, but only supports four languages.

Greenshot Screenshot selection
Greenshot Screenshot selection
Greenshot Capturing menu
Greenshot Capturing menu
Greenshot Screenshot menu
Greenshot Screenshot menu
Greenshot Image builtin editor
Greenshot Image builtin editor


Price: Free. Pro version $19.99

Software: Proprietary software

RAM Usage: 7,160 K

Supports quick screenshot, has auto window detection and snap to edge function, very handy. You can adjust screenshot position even after you have set the screenshot portion which Greenshot doesn’t do. After screenshot, by press Enter key, you will have the screenshot quickly be saved to your clipboard which can then be pasted to Word etc. It also gives quick editing options right on the screen instead of open another Editor.

Can set to start on windows startup.

Has multilanguage support, way more languages than Greenshot.

Snipaste Screenshot selection
Snipaste Screenshot selection
Snipaste context menu
Snipaste Context menu

FastStone Capture


Price: Free

License: GPL-3.0

Software Type: Open Source

RAM Usage: 52,848 K

ShareX user interface from official website
ShareX User interface from official website

Supports shortcut keys, Windows capture, custom size capture, upload commands, full screen capture, including a simple editor for quick editor which is very handy, has auto windows detection and snap to edge function. ShareX also has a builtin simple picture editor for quick edit purpose.

You can easily control action after the screenshot is captured from context menu.

ShareX Screenshot selection
ShareX Screenshot selection
ShareX User interface
ShareX User interface
ShareX After capture tasks
ShareX After capture tasks
 ShareX Image editor
ShareX Image editor

In conclusion, if you just want an clean and quick free screenshot software with quick editing capabilities for fast snap and paste experience, Snipaste is the right choise, it is simple, install and use, no confusion at all.

If you want more function with seamless experience and happy to do some configuration before start to use the software, Greenshot and ShareX is the right choise.

While running in background, Snipaste uses least memory resource (7,160 K), Greenshot uses 19,804 K, ShareX uses 52,848 K.

Windows 10 Built-in screenshot

Price: Free (But you’ll need Windows 10 license, or you can use preview version of Windows 10)

Software: Proprietary software

You can use Win + Shift + S shortcut to take screenshot easily, rectangular, any shape or full screen.

After screenshot is done, it’s copied to clipboard automatically, if you need to edit the screenshot, you can click on notification to bring up a simple image editor to edit the captured screenshot.

The quick editor has less function than Greenshot and ShareX. But enough for simple quick editing, including pen, pencil, highlighter, eraser, ruler, resize tool.

How to: Use VNC to remote control printers or multifunction machine (Not Working anymore)

Some multifunction machine or printers allow remote control of operation panel.

To have this ability you need to change some settings to enable this function.

For example: Sharp MX-4070N.

1 Login to configuration page.

2 Navigate to: System Settings > Common Settings > Operation Settings > Condition Settings > Remote Operation Settings

3 Change “Operational Authority:” to “Allowed”

4 Download VNC from official website:

5 Launch the VNC application

6 Enter IP address into top address bar e.g.

7 Press Enter to connect (You might need to permit access physically at multifunction machine operation panel)

Now you should be able to see identical screen from operation panel and able to operate from VNC

Printer printout cut off / incomplete issue

Sometimes printout can have cutoff issue, which seems like hardware problem, usually vertical or horizontally cutting off.

Make sure the size settings is right from software e.g. Word, printer driver etc.

Make sure paper is placed properly.

Make sure you are using the latest driver for the printer.

If the problem still persists, try to uninstall the driver and reinstall, but using PostScript (or PS) instead of PCL driver if the printer supports it (Some printers only support PCL). It might fix the cutting off issue.

Note: It is always an good idea to download driver and software from official website.

If the issue is still not fixed, the hardware may have some problems.

How to: Excel, paste value only with AHK (AutoHotkey)

Instead of clicking through menu or use key combination, to speed up the process and making it more efficient, we can use AHK to simplify the paste of value only or value with number format (potentially much more other actions).

With following guide, we can simply paste value only by hit F1 or paste value with number format by hit F2.

  • Download AHK from
  • Install AHK
  • Save following script to “excel_paste_value.ahk” (e.g. C:\ excel_paste_value.ahk)
Excel Shortcuts
;Paste Value
SetKeyDelay , 0 ; time to wait between key press by Send command
Send, !h
Send, !v
Send, !v
;Paste Value & Number format
SetKeyDelay , 0 ; time to wait between key press by Send command
Send, !h
Send, !v
Send, !a
  • Double click on “excel_paste_value.ahk”
  • Now back to Excel, copy a text with color etc.
  • Hit “F1” key on the keyboard to paste only values


  • Hit “F2” key on the keyboard to paste only values with number format

How to Fix: Outlook (Calendar) Search Results Incomplete

If you are sure the Outlook search results are incomplete, please try to rebuild your windows search index or reconfigure Outlook profile or reinstall Outlook.

In this simple guide, we are discussing that the Outlook Search results are not really incomplete.

If you search a calendar then sort by date, you are aware that some items are missing from calendar search results.

Try scroll down, till the bottom of the search results, you might find there is a group named Recurrence: (none): xx item(s) which can include some missing items from the top of the search results, now right click on the column title

Outlook column name
Outlook context menu for grouping

Click on View Setings

Outlook context menu Advanced View Settings List

Click on Group By… button

Outlook context menu Group By

Select (none), Click on OK, OK

Restart the Outlook.

Do the same search on calendar, all results will be listed in one group, you should be able to find the missing ones.

If still not fixed, items are still missing without groups, refer back to top of the guide.

How to: Use PowerShell to list and delete files under same folder but different path

e.g. List or delete all text (.txt) files from



To list all .txt files:
Get-ChildItem "C:\Users\*\Documents\Folder\*.txt"
*To test the delete procedure (run the command and show outputs without deleting any thing), confirm that the command is deleting correct files:
Get-ChildItem "C:\Users\*\Documents\Folder\*.txt" | Remove-Item -WhatIf
Finally, to run the command and delete files:
Remove-Item -path "C:\Users\*\Documents\Folder\*.txt"

Turn off display automatically on Ubuntu 18.04 server with text boot

Open /etc/default/grub in any text editor (e.g. sudo nano, sudo vi etc.)

Add consoleblank=0 to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= as parameter.


If it is GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" change to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash consoleblank=0"

If it is GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" change to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text consoleblank=0"

Finally, do sudo update-grub then reboot.

Note: If you already boot from text mode, chance is you will have GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”text”

What does this change do?

Without consoleblank=0 after the server boot into text mode, after timeout, the screen will go blank with screen powered on (Dimmed screen), adding consoleblank=0 at the end of GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=, will actually turn off the display after timeout instead of dim the display.

Alternatively, if you are running server on a laptop, the easiest way is to close the lid and still keep the server running, refer to this post: How to: Keep Ubuntu Server running on laptop with lid closed