How to: Update Cisco Mobility Express with Web GUI and tftp without using terminal

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1 Download correct firmware for the device

2 Download a tftp server

Click here to download SolarWinds TFTP Server for free

3 Navigate to “Management -> Software Update”

4 Fill correct information

Transfer ModeTFTP
IP Address(IPv4)/Name *Your tftp server IP address
File Path */
Auto RestartCheck
Cisco Mobility Express -> Management -> Softwar e Update
Cisco Mobility Express -> Management -> Softwar e Update

5 Extract Cisco firmware “” packet to a folder, in the example we use “D:\cisco”

We should have following folder structure

etc. etc.

6 Launch SolarWinds TFTP Server or your favourite tftp server software

7 Configure the tftp server, in the example we use SolarWinds TFTP Server, Click on “File”

SolarWinds TFTP Server
SolarWinds TFTP Server

8 Then click on “Configure”

9 Make sure we have entered the correct “TFTP Server Root Directory” then click on “Start” button to start the TFTP service, finally click on “OK” button

9.1 Make sure you have allowed incoming connection to the tftp server in the windows firewall (In other words, make sure the access point can successfully download the files from the tftp server successfully)

10 Back to Cisco Mobility Express, double check the details filled are all correct, click on “Update” button to begin the Update process. (Update progress information will be displayed at the top of the page)

(Do not disconnect the power/Ethernet cable from the access point, or stop the tftp service etc. It may damage the device)

(You should be able to see the log from the tftp server)

SolarWinds TFTP Server Log
SolarWinds TFTP Server Log

11 Once it’s done the device will restart if you have checked “Auto Restart”

12 When fully booted, you should be able to use it again.

(Don’t forget to stop the TFTP service)

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