Make the touchpad better on Windows

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Note: Make sure you have a backup mouse ready before you start following steps

Windows 10 – Precision Touchpads settings

1 Use Win + I key to Open the Settings App

2 Navigate to “Devices -> Touchpad” or just use following link

Click here to bring up touchpad settings page directly (ms-settings:devices-touchpad)

Windows 10 Settings - Touchpad
Windows 10 Settings – Touchpad

Then you can start to customize different gestures

Windows - Settings - Other gestures
Windows – Settings – Other gestures
Windows - Advanced gesture configuration
Windows – Advanced gesture configuration

Precision Touchpad Driver (If Windows 10 Precision Touchpad settings is not showing up)

If you did not see those options in touchpad settings page, try to install the driver, see if the option appears after that.

First we need to find out if our touchpad is mad by Synaptics or ELAN.

1 Launch the Run window via Win + R key combination

Microsoft Windows - Run window
Microsoft Windows – Run window

2 Enter “devmgmt.msc”

3 Now the Device Manager is opened

4 Look for “Mice and other pointing devices”

Device Manager
Device Manager

5 Expand it, see if we have Synaptics or ELAN

6 If it’s Synaptics open this link:

ELAN open this link:

7 Download latest version of the driver from the website

8 When downloaded, open the file, extract it, find the “dpinst.exe”

9 Double click on it to install it

10 Restart the device once the installation is done

11 Follow step 1 to 4 again find the touchpad device, right click on it then click on “Update driver”, reboot maybe required after updating

12 Now you should be able to see the Windows 10 Precision Touchpad options.

Third-party software solution

If the above steps still not working, we can try to install a software which will dramatically improve our touchpad experience as well and it’s free!

The software is named “GestureSign”, even better, we can download it from Microsoft store for free

Microsoft Store- GestureSign
Microsoft Store- GestureSign

Description from Microsoft Store

GestureSign is a gesture recognition software for Windows tablet, Precision Touchpad and mouse. You can automate repetitive tasks by simply drawing a gesture with your fingers or mouse.

GestureSign supports the following commands:

  • Activate Window
  • Window Control
  • Touch Keyboard Control
  • Keyboard simulation
  • Key Down/Up
  • Mouse Simulation
  • Send Keystrokes
  • Open Default Browser
  • Screen Brightness
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Run Command Prompt Commands
  • Open File or Website
  • Launch Windows Store App
  • Send Message
  • Toggle Window Topmost
GestureSign - Action
GestureSign – Action
GestureSign - Gesture
GestureSign – Gesture
GestureSign - Options
GestureSign – Options
GestureSign - Ignored
GestureSign – Ignored

Click here to Download

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