How to: Add DSCP, QoS, 802.1Q VLAN ID to Wireshark columns

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Sometimes we want to see DSCP, QoS, 802.1Q VLAN ID information while diagnosing the network.

Here is how to add those to columns for easier inspecting

1 Launch Wireshark, select an NIC to work with

2 Right click on the column (Near top, under the toolbar)

Wireshark - column
Wireshark – column

3 Then click on “Column Preferences…”

Wireshark - Column Preferences...
Wireshark – Column Preferences…

4 Navigate to “Appearance -> Columns”

Wireshark - Preferences
Wireshark – Preferences

5 Click on the “+” button

6 Add the necessary rows from below table (Title can be different)

TitleTypeFieldsField Occurrence
802.1Q802.1Q VLAN id
Wireshark - Preferences - Add column
Wireshark – Preferences – Add column

7 When finished, click on “OK” button

8 Now we can see those added columns

Wireshark with added columns
Wireshark with added columns

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