How to: Easily Delete/Remove ZFS pool (and disk from ZFS) on Proxmox VE (PVE) Make it available for other uses

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1 Login to Proxmox web gui

2 Find the pool name we want to delete, here we use “test” as pool, “/dev/sdd” as the disk for example.

3 Launch Shell from web gui for the Proxmox host/cluster or via SSH

4 Use following commands to unmount and destroy the pool

umount -f /dev/sdd
zpool destroy test

5 Format the disks if necessary

fdisk /dev/sdd
# Explanation
format the disk /dev/sdd
Use GPT format
Write/Commit the changes 

6 Now we can bring back the Proxmox web gui, look at the /dev/sdd, it is now available for other usages.

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