How to: Move virtual machines between disks on Proxmox

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(Note: From Proxmox VE 6.2, we can now move VM disks/Migrate VMs between local disks live (live migration), which means we can move the VM disks while the VM is still running)

This is actually an easy task.

We assume the VM we want to move only has two virtual disks, one is the system disk (Bootdisk) another is EFI Disk (Usually only UEFI BIOS will have EFI Disk, if you have selected non-UEFI BIOS for the virtual machine, just move the Bootdisk and any other data disks is enough), see example in the image

Proxmox move virtual machine
Proxmox move virtual machine

In the image, we have the Bootdisk already moved to the USB drive, now we want to move the EFI Disk.

1 Click on the EFI Disk

2 Click on the Move disk button at the top of the Proxmox web gui

3 Then select the destination

Move disk menu
Move disk menu

4 In the example we use usbxfs

5 Make necessary changes, e.g. “Check Delete source” then click on “Move disk” button

6 Wait till it’s finished, now the EFI Disk will be shown as “usbxfs:…..” instead of “rpool-folder:…”

7 Now we have successfully moved the virtual machine and it’s hard disk

8 We can now remove the old physical disk or do whatever we want with the old physical disk without destroy the virtual machine.

(If you wonder, the virtual machine configuration file are stored in the following location)

# e.g.

Note: 100 is the VM ID, which you can find from Proxmox web gui

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