How to: Delete mounted directory from Proxmox (PVE) (and make it ready for other uses)

1 Login to Proxmox host via web Shell or SSH

2 Navigate to Datacenter -> Storage, delete the directory first

2.1 Navigate to Datacenter -> host name/cluster name -> Directory, note down the Device “/dev/disk/by-uuid/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

3 Execute following command (In this guide, we want to delete mounted folder “/testfolder” on disk “/dev/sdd”)

umount -f /dev/disk/by-uuid/.......
umount -f /dev/sdd

4 Looking for .mount files

cd /etc/systemd/system
ls -ahl

We will see a file with name “mnt-pve-testfolder.mount” or “mnt-pve-test\x2dxfs.mount” the full path is “/etc/systemd/mnt-pve-testfolder.mount”

(If you are not sure which .mount file to delete, use this command to see the content of it “cat mnt-pve-testfolder.mount”, find the .mount file which has the same uuid as the one from Proxmox web gui -> host name/cluster Name -> Directory)

5 Use following command to delete it

rm -f mnt-pve-testfolder.mount

6 Now the mounted directory is removed from “Directory” view from Proxmox

Now we want to make it available for other usages, to achieve this, we have to do following steps

7 Execute following command for reformat the disk

# fdisk
fdisk /dev/sdd
# Format the disk as ext4
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdd
# Format the disk as xfs
mkfs.xfs -f /dev/sdd

Note: If creating directory failed in Proxmox web gui, use “mkfs.ext4” or “mkfs.xfs” command to format the disk to the format that we do not want, then in the creating the directory step in Proxmox, finally reformat to the format that we actually need

8 Now we can go back to the Proxmox web gui, navigate to Directory view, click on “Create: Directory” the disk is now available for use or we can use it for other purposes

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