Cisco Aironet activate Mobility Express Mode (Switch from CAPWAP to Mobility Express Mode)

To switch from CAPWAP (Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points) mode to ME (Mobility Express) mode

1 Connect PC and Access Point with console cable.

2 Open Device Manager

3 Under”Ports”, find out what port is used

4 Select “Serial” and put correct port into Putty

Putty - Serial, Serial line (Port)
Putty – Serial, Serial line (Port)

5 Click on Open button from Putty

6 Default Username: “Cisco” Password:”Cisco” for console

7 Follow the prompt to change the default password and finish initial configuration or autoinstallation

8 Type enable then hit Enter key and execute following command

AP#show version

If it shows:


Then continue with:

AP#ap-type mobility-express

(Note: If you are not runing Mobility express image you will need to download the correct image and then setup TFTP server then use following command to update the system)

AP#ap-type mobility-express tftp://<TFTP Server IP>/<path to tar file>

9 Wait for 10 minutes

10 Power cycle the Access Point and wait for 20 minutes.

11 Find out the IP address of the Access Point

12 Access the address from browser with the credential you have set from step 7

Now you have access to Mobility Express (See following image) rather than the simple CAPWAP page.

Cisco Mobility Express Login Page (Wireless LAN Controller)
Cisco Mobility Express Login Page (Wireless LAN Controller)

How to redirect printer, Transfer printer queue to another printer

If you have a long print queue, but the current default printer is not working, use this trick to redirect the current and future print queue to another working printer.

1 Use key combination Win + R to open run window

2 Enter control printers, press enter

3 Devices and Printers window will show up

4 Right click on the dead printer -> Printer properties -> Ports -> Select another printer which works -> Click on OK button

From now on, the old print queue and future print queue will be processed form the selected new printer, if in a domain setup, it can save you from changing all default printers for all affected users by doing this from the server side.

How to: Use VNC to remote control printers or multifunction machine

Some multifunction machine or printers allow remote control of operation panel.

To have this ability you need to change some settings to enable this function.

For example: Sharp MX-4070N.

1 Login to configuration page.

2 Navigate to: System Settings > Common Settings > Operation Settings > Condition Settings > Remote Operation Settings

3 Change “Operational Authority:” to “Allowed”

4 Download VNC from official website:

5 Launch the VNC application

6 Enter IP address into top address bar e.g.

7 Press Enter to connect (You might need to permit access physically at multifunction machine operation panel)

Now you should be able to see identical screen from operation panel and able to operate from VNC

Printer printout cut off / incomplete issue

Sometimes printout can have cutoff issue, which seems like hardware problem, usually vertical or horizontally cutting off.

Make sure the size settings is right from software e.g. Word, printer driver etc.

Make sure paper is placed properly.

Make sure you are using the latest driver for the printer.

If the problem still persists, try to uninstall the driver and reinstall, but using PostScript (or PS) instead of PCL driver if the printer supports it (Some printers only support PCL). It might fix the cutting off issue.

Note: It is always an good idea to download driver and software from official website.

If the issue is still not fixed, the hardware may have some problems.