Cisco Access point/Switch swap primary boot image/backup boot image

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(Click here to read: Cisco Mobility Express – Use web GUI to switch Primary image/Backup image)

1 Connect to the device via console/SSH (If using Mobility express, connect to the device IP via SSH or console cable, not the Mobility Express controller IP address)

2 Login with correct credential

3 You will see “name of the device> ” in command window

Console command window
Console command window

4 Type “show version” to view current image information

Console command - show version
Console command – show version

5 From following image we can see currently the AP us running on “Primary Boot Image” which is “” the “Backup Boot Image” is “”

AP Running Image, Primary Boot Image, Backup Boot Image
AP Running Image, Primary Boot Image, Backup Boot Image

6 Now we need to login to “Cisco Controller”. For Mobility Express running as master or “Autonomous Mode” you can SSH to the IP address which you used to login to Mobility Express controller (See following image).

Cisco Mobility Express Controller
Cisco Mobility Express Controller
SSH -> Cisco Mobility Express
SSH -> Cisco Mobility Express

7 Enter following command, replce <AP_Name> with correct access point name

(Cisco Controller) >config ap image swap <AP_Name>
config ap image swap <AP_Name>
config ap image swap MyAP
config ap image swap MyAP

8 If there is no error message returned, reboot the AP.

After the AP rebooted, use the same “show version” command to check the booted image, now it should be swapped. (Or use Wireless LAN Controller Web UI to check current version number)

Cisco Aironet activate Mobility Express Mode (Switch from CAPWAP to Mobility Express Mode)

To switch from CAPWAP (Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points) mode to ME (Mobility Express) mode

1 Connect PC and Access Point with console cable.

2 Open Device Manager

3 Under”Ports”, find out what port is used

4 Select “Serial” and put correct port into Putty

Putty - Serial, Serial line (Port)
Putty – Serial, Serial line (Port)

5 Click on Open button from Putty

6 Default Username: “Cisco” Password:”Cisco” for console

7 Follow the prompt to change the default password and finish initial configuration or autoinstallation

8 Type enable then hit Enter key and execute following command

AP#show version

If it shows:


Then continue with:

AP#ap-type mobility-express

(Note: If you are not runing Mobility express image you will need to download the correct image and then setup TFTP server then use following command to update the system)

AP#ap-type mobility-express tftp://<TFTP Server IP>/<path to tar file>

9 Wait for 10 minutes

10 Power cycle the Access Point and wait for 20 minutes.

11 Find out the IP address of the Access Point

12 Access the address from browser with the credential you have set from step 7

Now you have access to Mobility Express (See following image) rather than the simple CAPWAP page.

Cisco Mobility Express Login Page (Wireless LAN Controller)
Cisco Mobility Express Login Page (Wireless LAN Controller)