Enroll your Android Enterprise dedicated devices or fully managed devices (Preview) with Microsoft Intune

Enable Intune/MDM

Remember to get correct license and configure Intune/MDM first

Then open this link to make sure you are able to see the correct MDM link

Azure Active Directory admin center
Azure Active Directory admin center

Configure Microsoft 365 Device Management

1 Open the Microsoft 365 Device Management page from Microsoft 365 admin center

2 Create a Google account if you do not have one

3 Device enrollment -> Android enrollment -> Managed Google Play

4 Link the Google account

5 Corporate-owned, fully managed user devices will be enabled now, click on it to show the QR code and Token for Step 9 in next section (Enroll by using a token)

Microsoft 365 Device Management -> Device enrollment - Android enrollment
Microsoft 365 Device Management -> Device enrollment – Android enrollment

Enroll by using a token

Android 6 and later devices can use token method to enroll the device, Android 6.1 and later versions can also leverage QR code to enroll.

1 Wipe your Android device, refer to device official website to find out different methods to wipe the device.

2 Turn on the device

3 Select your Language from setup screen

4 Connect to your Wifi and then press NEXT.

5 Accept the Google Terms and conditions and then Press NEXT.

6 On the Google sign-in screen, enter afw#setup instead of a Gmail account, and then press NEXT.

7 Choose INSTALL for the Android Device Policy app.

8 Continue installation of this policy. Some devices may require additional terms acceptance.

9 On the Enroll this device screen, allow your device to scan the QR code or choose to enter the token manually.

10 Follow the on-screen prompts to complete enrollment.

Note: If you have signed in with normal Google account, wipe the device again

For other methods: Near Field Communication (NFC), Google Zero Touch refer to this link