How to: Fix “CT is locked (rollback)” on Proxmox VE (PVE) (How to: Unlock Container/CT on Proxmox VE)

The Error

CT is locked (rollback)

The Fix

1 Login to Proxmox VE terminal or via SSH or Proxmox web gui

2 Execute following command

pct unlock <containerID>


pct unlock 100

3 Now we should be able do what we want to previously without error

pct command help

(pct – Command line Tool to manage Linux Containers (LXC) on Proxmox VE [1])

       pct clone <vmid> <newid> [OPTIONS]
       pct create <vmid> <ostemplate> [OPTIONS]
       pct destroy <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct list
       pct migrate <vmid> <target> [OPTIONS]
       pct move_volume <vmid> <volume> <storage> [OPTIONS]
       pct pending <vmid>
       pct resize <vmid> <disk> <size> [OPTIONS]
       pct restore <vmid> <ostemplate> [OPTIONS]
       pct template <vmid>
       pct config <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct set <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct delsnapshot <vmid> <snapname> [OPTIONS]
       pct listsnapshot <vmid>
       pct rollback <vmid> <snapname>
       pct snapshot <vmid> <snapname> [OPTIONS]
       pct reboot <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct resume <vmid>
       pct shutdown <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct start <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct stop <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct suspend <vmid>
       pct console <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct cpusets
       pct df <vmid>
       pct enter <vmid>
       pct exec <vmid> [<extra-args>]
       pct fsck <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct fstrim <vmid>
       pct mount <vmid>
       pct pull <vmid> <path> <destination> [OPTIONS]
       pct push <vmid> <file> <destination> [OPTIONS]
       pct rescan  [OPTIONS]
       pct status <vmid> [OPTIONS]
       pct unlock <vmid>
       pct unmount <vmid>
       pct help [<extra-args>] [OPTIONS]


[1] “pct(1)”,, 2020. [Online]. Available: