How to: Find which virtual machine (VM) occupying/using largest amount of storage/disk space from Proxmox VE (PVE)

1 Login to Proxmox VE web gui

2 Navigate to Datacenter -> Storage, note down the disk we want to check

3 Launch “Shell” for the node we want to check, or via SSH or directly from Proxmox host

4 Install “ncdu” utility

apt install -y ncdu

4 Use following command to check (Here we use “/rpool/images” as example)

ncdu /rpool/images

Note 1: Use Arrow keys to navigate, Left = Upper level folder, Right = Open the highlighted folder, Use “q” key to exit the program

Note 2: Change the directory to suit your situation

Example output

Output from ncdu for Proxmox VE
Output from ncdu for Proxmox VE

If we are not sure which folder, we can simply just use “ncdu /” to scan everything on the host.

ncdu /