Useful Microsoft utilities – Sysinternals Suite

Download the Sysinternals Suite fro official website

Download each of them separately via Sysinternals Utilities Index from official website with description, version detail and release dates.

Detailed use case and command examples are also provided within PDF from official website, it also includes some basic FAQs.

Note: Keep in mind that some of these tools are very old, thus might not be suitable for modern operating systems.

Free and Open source Ramdisk – ImDisk Toolkit

RAM disk is useful when you want to have temporary fast disk access, it uses part of system random access memory (RAM) as storage like normal hard drive.

If you have plenty RAM, you can slice 10GB of RAM dedicate for temporary storage purpose, once the computer is restarted everything is cleared (Be careful with important files, do not store important data or files on the Ramdisk).

ImDisk Toolkit include a free and easy to use Ramdisk utility.

ImDisk RAMdisk settings
ImDisk RAMdisk settings
ImDisk RAMdisk settings
ImDisk RAMdisk settings

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