How to: Add/Remove/Delete independent/dedicate Intent Log Device (ZIL)/Separate Intent Log (SLOG) drive for ZFS (Proxmox (PVE))

1 Login to terminal via direct login, web gui or SSH to Proxmox

Adding drive as ZIL/SLOG device

zpool add -f poolName log deviceName
# e.g.
zpool add -f rpool log /dev/sdb

(To add mirrored ZIL/SLOG drives)

zpool add -f rpool log mirror /dev/sdb /dev/sdc

-f: Without -f flag, we will get a warning about missing EFI label

Use following command to check ZIL/SLOG status

zpool status

Note: If the ZIL/SLOG device failed, we will lose seconds worth of writes but our file system will continue to function without data corruption.

Remove/Delete ZIL/SLOG drive

zpool remove poolName deviceName
# e.g.
zpool remove rpool /dev/sdb
#By using drive's real name rather than /dev/sdb
zpool remove rpool ata-HGST_HTSxxxxxxx_RCFxxxxxxxxx-part9

For finding real drive names: How to: Find drive name (real name) for /dev/sdb /dev/sdc from Proxmox (PVE)